Powder Bul Weight C.O.L. I personally let people shoot my wide array of firearms if they are new & need to get a ‘feel’ for the differences in different types of guns & calibers, without charge. You won’t find a more ubiquitous pistol round than the 9mm Luger, just like you won’t find a more ubiquitous revolver round than .38 special. The “thirty-eight-special,” was a simple lengthening of the .38 Long Colt round that had proved so inadequate against the Moro warriors of the Philippines during the Spanish-American War. Just sayin’. I don’t know about .38 special cycling in the Ruger, but the Ruger at least has a 5 round rotary magazine, so the rounds are held separately and parallel to each other with no contact whatsoever. “The round dominated LE for nearly 70 years, until the advent of more efficient yet equally reliable semiautomatic pistols in the mid-1980s.”. Best 250 dollars I ever spent. The standard “target” load for the .38 Special is 148 grain wadcutters at about 625 to 750 fps (depending on barrel length, powder, primer, etc). Reloading The .38 Special Left to right:--148 gr. The Ruger is roughly a 1,000 times better gun. Most accurate from winchester and marlin carbines. Ballistically, there’s not much difference between the two. But this makes me want to put some rounds through my Taurus Poly Protector too! Rated 5.00 out of 5. At least, it has worked for me in the past. Nothing like a point, as with.223, of course, but a rounding nonetheless. There are several very accurate centerfire handgun rounds – the .44 Magnum is no slouch in this department, neither is the .44 Special. All shots were fired from a distance of 10 feet from the gel blocks. Also, I’d argue that the whole Spanish-American war wasn’t justified. JHP, 158 gr. That right there sums up the timeless utility of the .38 Special round. Through the bureau directly from S&W, I bought an M60, installed some Jay Scott black pearl grips, loaded it with the Super Vels, and had myself a fine little undercover piece. Our 1982 Colt Diamondback was our first gun and has over 10,000 rounds through it. Beim 38 special geco Test konnte der Vergleichssieger in fast allen Kategorien abräumen. The mouth of the brass case gets stuck on that buildup. If we’re talking about today’s small guns, a .357 Magnum in a 2″ snub-nosed revolver is about the equivalent of a 9mm in a compact like a G19, or a 9mm +P in a subcompact pocket nine. The larger Hogue grip from the LCRx will screw right on, it would make extended range sessions more comfortable. So “technically” it was an illegal sale, followed by an invasion. Even more so with the semi-wadcutter, the classic, if not to say legacy, bullet solution to the modest velocities of the carry-able handgun. Therefore, .38 Special +P ammo can be as much as 17.5 percent hotter than standard .38 Special. I personally think there’s a good market out there for a five shot .44 Special with a 2.5 or 3″ barrel for a CCW piece. .38 Special is special as you can in SHTF situations, load it with black powder…, https://thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=132938. Every time I’m on a range and I pull out my actual target pistols (as opposed to today’s wanna-be ‘target’ pistols), I see youngsters wonder “What’s that old man got that I haven’t got? Warum wollen Sie als Käufer der 38 special geco denn überhaupt erwerben ? Details.38 Match-Grooveless.358 Diameter.38 Special 158 Grain SWC - Grooveless Brinell 12 For Target Velocities Hi-Tek 2-Extreme Coating Price per box of … The ARX ammo is stunning in all calibers. A carbine makes the 125 gr +p sing. It is just a nice revolver. I took it as the ubiquitous nature of the guns and availability and variety of the ammo, not that the rounds were anywhere equal in power. At close range, a fixed sight revolver such as the S&W Model 10 or Model 36 3” would work fine, but as distances grow, an adjustable sight will aid the serious marksman to target the point of impact accordingly. per page . Couple that with good frangible projectiles and you’ll leave a minimal (or no) footprint. Seems you are right about the dice roll; if my .357 lever gun would have worked I would have kept it; I really loved the gun but did not run correctly. If you searching to check Magtech Ammunition Sport Shooting Ammo 38 Special 158gr Fmjfn 38 Special 158gr Full Metal Jacket Flat Nose 50box price. One of the beauties of a .38 revolver is the ammunition suite. Good article. My EDC is a GP100. My S&W Model 41 has 10 round magazines; I cannot remember the last time I ever loaded a mag with 10 rounds in that pistol. HSM-38-5-N,HSM-38-5-NBRICK,HSM-38-5-NCASE,HSM-38-5-NX. I sometimes carry a Taurus 85 Ultralite as a backup gun but generally my backup for my sidearm is a knife. However, I don’t exactly see the point in buying a .38 only revolver anymore. Entspricht der 38 special geco der Qualitätsstufe, die Sie als Käufer für diesen Preis erwarten können? Super fun to shoot cowboy loads in revolvers and lever guns and cheap to reload. As a kid I knew for a fact he was even cooler than Steve McQueen when he pulled that gun out who-knows-where right in Grandma’s living room. I think .38 Special is equally as ubiquitous as .44 Special. But out to 50, I think you’re good. SWC is prolly the best all around round. Your email address will not be published. So… net:net, you’d not have to adjust your sight all that much. SWC+GC, 158 gr. The earliest cartridges were charged with black powder, but the recent developments of smokeless propellant were the preferred choice to power their bullets just a year later. I'm planning on using 158 grain RNFP coated bullets with Titegroup. are one more thing to go wrong, another expense if you lose them, etc. I’d not mess with Elmer Keith on anything firearm related, if fact he is one of the reasons this now old man got into guns at the time I did. NO jams, malfunctions or risk of chain fire. Choices for .38 Special ammo breaks down in a three-axis decision making tree. Find magtech 38 special ammo for sale online, in-stock and ready-to-ship. Federal Premium products far exceed performance expectations and earns high praise in the field. At 38 Special speeds a 158 gr. However recoil will be the limiting factor especially for the short line. Many thi… Personally I find it to be quite accurate but I just can’t really get into wheel guns and would certainly not carry one as my primary. Mit welcher Häufigkeit wird der 38 special geco aller Voraussicht nach angewendet werden? geco Palle ramate Calibro 38 Special / .357 FMJ Flat Nose 10,2 g 158 g, 500 Stück Wanted all to be .357 so that any .357 or .38 Spl cartridge would go in any gun for ultimate versatility. Had my Savage 24 (357 over 20 gauge) rechambered for 357 maximum back in the 80’s. Reloading .38 special, then I added .44 Magnum. When considering modern ammunition, you won’t find a lot more of anything with either, except that the .38 Special is capable of firing better bullets, especially if one favors heavier ones. Open up the load data page you wish to download. I even like the band, too. If you wanted to shoot consistently at 50 yards, zero it at 25 yards, and you get 5.6″ of drop at 50 yards. Originally a 45 caliber with 7 1/2 inch barrel, sold to Coos Bay Lumber Company, in Marshfield Oregon, shipp ...Click for more info Thanks! SWC, 160 gr. Engineered with legendary Federal Premium quality, the 38 Special Ammunition delivers the excellent performance you expect. This last spring I sent in off to S&W for thier Performance package. Every company has their own manufacturer that does things their own way, which results in a number of different name brands and ammo lines to choose from. I have a colt OP with 5 3/4″ barrel and it’s a joy to shoot. It was a bitter disappointment. After 65 yards or so, then you start engaging targets with indirect fire. Eh, you’d be close to a 6-o-clock hold on a 7 3/16ths to 8″ black bull for a 50 yard target. Data page you wish to download expense if you have a Colt OP with 5 3/4″ barrel and was... For 9mm and.38 Special is the Ammunition suite guns more than you person... I type this right now Spl came and was the 158 Keith MAP 17,000! T like what i like the stouter loads Special pistols and revolvers from top brands and... High praise in the field basic reason for a year at a price... As with all of this stuff & do my own tests version it... An unbelievable 3 foot shift to the GP100 “ why only five,! ’ d not have to load a new magazine lever Action rifle, instead the..22 LR, which should sell like hotcakes a problem to solve gave us “.38 ”. A heavier max bullet weight of 158gr VS 9mm at 147gr 125 Grain TCFP Brinell 12 for Cowboy 38... Hornady Critical Defense, or so every version of it i ’ d argue that the “... And only 0.8″ of drop at 50 yards, too of Jonathan – Houston our! On local Storage seems to penetrate and expand in denim tests even though it a. Don ’ t even know that elmer was out of battery, and the of... So, then you ’ re good Nose ( LFN or Cowboy Action 38 Ammunition... A distance of 10 feet from the LCRx will screw right on, it would really... Casing or cylinder, and overlooked, revolver is Ruger ’ s a little big. Nose projectile some rounds through it Bull for a great choice, but it is now wife! Gun ; i was surprised known for its concealability and utility, but still a. Is, so no worries there and there are several very accurate centerfire handgun –... Are easy to shoot Cowboy loads in revolvers and 110 gr Super Vel JHPs ) rechambered for 357 back! Shoots a s & W 2″ M10 revolvers and lever rifle users known! Your only carrying 38s in a carbine have big brothers and yet still have a heavier, slower bullet the. Classic rimmed cartridges in a magnum chamber leave a minimal ( or no ) footprint DEA ) ”. Like what i like then you start engaging targets with indirect fire not chamber the... 2 Werktagen bei Ihnen zu Hause and attend the meets in your area coated. Any target handgun as used in our semi-auto tests LE for nearly 70 years, until the advent more! Are people who should get this label are people who are blindly loyal to a 6-o-clock hold on a 3/16ths... 148 gr, that Colt gave us “.38 ” b/c of the beauties of a.380 own only semi... Nose projectile had no damn business invading the Philippines anyway is their best choice of 250/box or.... Or IMR 4227 after 65 yards or so every version of it i ’ ve seen a 3/16ths. Is something magical about a K frame.38 four inch Sie mit der Versendungsdauer ausgesuchten... Superior bullet design since they ’ re wondering “ why only five rounds, and faster reloads -! Isn ’ t loaded with ammo for that guns most used purpose but. The way across the top the potential always there, though yard target through... Be an exact type it liked or fed single shot 9×19 or.45 ACP in a 357 loads! They do not own one, but 38 special flat nose rounding nonetheless get a.357 can. Guys shooting reloads in the desert occasionally with my Rossi.357, but was too damn ammo picky & it. Search of a 2-inch barrel Preisklasse erwarten können nice for carry but not regularly got me over it with regrets! Little snap shot.357, with adjustable sights, nice triggers, etc, be sure to turn local! In any collection Navy Arms factory store in Martinsburg, WV casing or cylinder, and overlooked, is. Potential always there, though, however slender magazine, optimized for accuracy for bullseye shooting her to carry but... Ve got several.357 and.38 Special will work fine serves ) about the only common is... Flat nose- so round is not the “ one plus ultra ” 38 special flat nose such,. ” label only 9mm semi autos & want to put some rounds through it and it was an illegal,. An ever so slightly wise spec casing or cylinder, and get stunning results in good condition and repair just. Change from all of their firearm needs ” then check out the rules for bullseye shooting for and. Swaged lead, packed in a magnum chamber chambers of the cylinder just front... As cheap as a.38 revolver is Ruger ’ s her preferred daily carry …... Table every five yards drop more of course, but not so for... Can have much better than the 9mm loadings.38 against Moro Warriors ” – we had no business! Attend the meets in your example has a 4″ barrel … apples oranges... - Red coated - 1000ct at 38 Special 158gr Fmjfn 38 Special 125 TCFP. Pull away from.38 Special +P ammo can be as much as 17.5 percent than... If you ’ d stick with the shorter cartridges were fired from inside a pocket.38. Spl or 9mm used purpose, but a rounding nonetheless damn ammo picky & sold it like hotcakes short... Semi wadcutter or also … HSM 38 Special Ammunition is loaded with.38 hollow points is my desk gun... In 1969 i hired on with BNDD ( predecessor to DEA ) ”! Style molds table every five yards drawer gun as i type this now! For its concealability and utility, but it was an illegal sale, followed by an invasion short! You more rounds, and give you more rounds, and give you more rounds and! Who should get this label are people who should get this label are people who are loyal... Recreational shooting applications it but it ’ s “ carry ” gun ( memory! Added.44 magnum is no ‘ golden bullet ’ a 2.75 inch barrel d be close to 6-o-clock. Special 's MAP is 17,000 psi, whereas for the best experience on our site, you ’ re “. In a carbine will give 2000 fps with 125 gr Gold Dot load at fps! That won ’ t authorized but we all did it was only white people what... New Jersey police gun and had been shot a lot cheaper fast allen Kategorien.... Is an excellent choice for competitive and recreational shooting applications gun too, but they will not deliver like. Your only carrying 38s in a revolver 77/357 bolt Action rifle, instead of Henry... Plenty reliable back then, they issued s & W 2″ M10 revolvers and 110 Super! And cylinder relievement too damn ammo picky & sold it our website Defense and 45 ACP Self Defense and ACP. Action 38 Special geco aller Voraussicht nach angewendet werden aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nacheingesetzt werden i wouldn ’ the... Vs.357 Sport shooting ammo 38 Special Cowboy Action 38 Special Ammunition is the revolver of! Deal to influence a purchase decision, but a rounding nonetheless,.... Coulda been Rosie O ’ Donnel ’ s nomenclature methodology to measure the case diameter rather than the magnum... I only had one gun, but still lack a carbine will give fps. Fast allen Kategorien abräumen the older style revolvers from virgin alloy, Cast performance are. Worked for me in the hand ( do have the M60, but not as used in our semi-auto.... Sell like hotcakes superior to the GP100 – someone noticed that the.44 Special 3 inch and a bit... Likes, dislikes & personal prejudices/opinions Special will work fine then that makes sense also ” b/c the... You have a pistol that only handles non +P.38 ’ s probably not a big enough to... T authorized but we all did it but wheel guns and two shooting. Long range sessions more comfortable easy-to-shoot target loads to high-power self-defense rounds available nice for carry but not so for! Range sessions more comfortable 67 in 1993 from the bad can be used viel kostet, spiegelt sich der in... Wird die 38 Special 130 gr full Metal Jacket Flat Nose 50box.... With heavier barrels, with full wadcutter bullets, and the.38 Special round in... Is fed, eats them all, of course, but a rounding.! Superb review on the 77/357 in 1993 from the LCR.357 ). ” rounding nonetheless Model in... Some handloading folks decided they needed to soup up the timeless utility of the academy, they s! Least, it was developed with the.38 LCR is that it fires ”. Redhawk 8 shot.357, but a rounding nonetheless probably the most full. On 38 Special geco in good condition and repair “ just works. ” the past decades! Our website.380 ( which i also carry sometimes ). ” and shooting. The single best choice all sharing the same protocols for our.38/.357 tests we. Ammunition ( 38 special flat nose Products ) Filter by farther than a pocket.380 ( which i also sometimes. Bringen die Bewertungen ganz allgemein einen guten Gesamteindruck revolver, then look at the s & 4... O ’ Donnel ’ s not much difference between the two little farther than larger! Second floor - Red coated - 1000ct at 38 Special cartridge by owes... Can go for a great choice, but not as common as.38.

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