I use blue dot to reload magnum shotshells. This is a personal favorite of author Max Prasac for hunting revolver and target-shooting applications. Improved Red Dot is cleaner burning. So I finally snuck out to the range to test out some lighter powder puff 44 mag loads that I plan to use for indoor/winter shooting since we can't shoot jacketed or magnum rounds indoors. 7.5g was fine too. Red-dot sights offer no magnification but superimpose a red, lighted dot over your intended target. For a long time I played with "fast" powders, lots of Bullseye and W231, but no Red Dot in magnum loads. I can't claim its an ideal load at all, but it was notably lighter than Magtech 240 gr. At least with Trailboss I remove the baffle in my Hornady and get better results, no clogging, no empty cases at the seating station. they are accurate, and I have no problems with them. The 44 Magnum is my most favorite reloadable cartridge. The Blue Dot is good for .38sp jacketed +P, .357 Magnum, and .44 … I really like the idea of using published data, and I really like Hodgdon for providing it free! As clean-burning as PB is in a shotshell, it is borderline filthy and smoky in a handgun round unless you load it heavy. You will get far superior load results using Power Pistol or at least Unique for the 38 loads and 2400 for your magnum loads. With Red Dot as with Bullseye, be very careful not to double charge a case. A neighbor of mine will buy enough to load a few boxes of ammo. A lot of "I wouldn't use it in anything but powder puff loads". bullet with the 8gr of Unique. Recipe. mikd & rclark .... You have stated what I found to be sound advice. You tap the powder measure base with the same force with each throw. 231 meters better than Unique and gives much more consistent loads if you use a powder measure. I was taught to respect my elders .... problem is, I'm having a hard time finding them.​. With the mild load of 6.0 grains of Red Dot powder and the Speer 240-grain swaged lead bullet, velocity spread was only about 15 fps between cartridges with no crimp to a heavy crimp. I see nothing wrong with using it. That means the throats are right at .429" .... too tight for lead bullets. I will ask him if he has any 44 mag recipes. Get a copy of their booklet and check this powder out. Yes, Green Dot does work well too. 200 grain lead flat nose, 10 grains Blue Dot. from the gallery, I have 4 of the beasts, 3 vaqueros and one om sbh. Trying to work up mild load. Hodgdon's Universal, HP6, HP7 and HP38 are good powders for this cartridge. I've tested it in .32H&R Mag, .357, .44 Special, .44Mag and .45 Colt. Relatively hard Lyman No. That means you will likely have powder flakes blown into the bore that didn't ignite. Yep, there may be "better", more suitable powders for big bores, but as long as one stays with book loads from their manuals, they're OK. Choosing a red dot for it is tricky, so make sure you look at models that can take the recoil and power of a .44 Magnum. Find out why. I also use it for 12 gauge Skeet and Trap loads. Lately I've been using Titewad powder as it is fluffier and dispenses more consistently than Alliant flake powders. Powder Bul Weight C.O.L. 45 Colt. Red dot and 250 grain bullets in a 44 mag? Like others, I feel that Red Dot and Promo are way too fast for heavy bullets at moderate velocities in .44 mag. Using 180g bullets. .... Newbi to Ruger, but have been reloading for a 44mag S&W for several years. My favorites are Speer #14 and Hornady 7th Ed. If I were reloading for my magnums using H110 and I went over the manuals' recommendations, I'll be in trouble just as if I were loading Red Dot and went over manual recommendations... K.I.S.S. While it worked fine in .32H&R Mag, I didn't like how it metered in my powder measure, so moved on to 'finer' grained powders that meter much better in small quantities like True Blue, AA#2, AA#5, etc. 44 Russian (Cowboy Action) 44 S&W Special (Cowboy Action) 44 … 44 S&W Special. Many of Alliant's loads are way too hot. Universal has been very useful. 2 lead alloy was used to cast wadcutter bullets in an NEI 150-358-WC mould for .38 Special and .357 Magnum loads. It is recommended to go for a red dot sight with your gun particularly when hogs are involved when using it. A clinger and deplorable, MAGA, NRA Life Member. Accuracy was good at 25 yds., sub 2" groups from a rest. 38 Special +P. Looking for a lower limit load data for red dot in 44 special. It may be the best of all. I use AA#7, BE-86, and A2400 when not loading full tilt.